Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective: One Foot in Brooklyn


Firehouse Cinema Thu, Oct 13 7:00 PM
Q&A with filmmakers and members of Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective
Film Info
Event Type:Special Event
Series:Better Together
Accessibility:Assistive Listening, Hearing Amplification


Dollar vans, weed delivery, A.I. sex dolls… A series of recent short documentaries from the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective take us deep into New York, around the world and back again reflecting the international roots of our city.

Directed by Alex Mallis
In the heart of Brooklyn, a fleet of semi-legal minibuses race to pick up and drop off passengers.
Directed by Jessica Beshir
A man in Ethiopia communes with his nocturnal friends.
Directed by Jessica Kingdon and Nathan Truesdell
The future is here! Well, sort of. Mature: This film contains mature, or explicit, or sexually suggestive content. It may not be appropriate for all viewers. 
Directed by Kira Dane and Katelyn Rebelo
In Japanese, there’s a specific word for an unborn life. Mizuko, which means “water child,” is used to refer to both miscarried and aborted pregnancies. In addition to this word, there’s a ritual for grief that allows women to metaphorically return their water children to the sea. Narrated by a Japanese American woman, Mizuko tells the story of her abortion in the US against the backdrop of this cultural context.
Directed by Grace Kim
An experimental mixed media documentary following various 'heartbreak experiences' as told through Brooklyn residents as the memorabilia leftover from their expired human relationships.
Directed by Maria Juranic
A Burlesque dancer Redbone becomes a voice for diversity.
Directed by Nathan Fitch
THE SERVICE charts a day in the life of Myles Wily, a veteran turned weed delivery man during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City in 2020.
Directed by Veena Rao
Imprisoned without charges for almost 20 years, an artist finds solace and joy from making intricate ship models out of found materials.

Directed by Adam Golfer
An experimental film essay, framed by 2 photographs of a sunset Golfer discovered in a box of his dad’s belongings, 10 years after his death.

This program is screening part of the Better Together series.

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